Old City Minutes

These are a collection of excerpts from the Kearney city council meeting minutes.

The condition of the hose on fire truck was discussed and Mayor Bratton agreed to check on it and report back to board.

Charles L. Smith and Kenneth Dagley were appointed to have the fire truck put in good shape.

A reflector sign at 69 and 33 highways approved to show way to Kearney.

Petition of about 150 signatures was presented to City asking that some type of firefighting equipment be purchased. It was agreed that the present fire truck be repaired and put in working order. It was voted that the Mayor appoint a committee to investigate the cost of fire truck, fire alarm and a city building and make recommendations to the city board. Committee consisted of Kenneth Dagley, Toliver Cave, U.A. (Red) Pratt, Harry Robeson, Darrell Cave, and David Barr.

Voted that City Clerk investigate method of voting and selling bonds for building a fire station building.

Motion made by Chas. L. Smith seconded by Tol Cave to build a fire station to house truck and equipment and other city purposes. U. A. Pratt to draw up plans for a building in line with the money available.

Kenneth Dagley and U. A. Pratt elected as aldermen. City purchased six lots known as City Park from Claude Carey for $850.

Motion made by U.A. Pratt, seconded by Tol Cave for bond election in the amount of $5,000 for purchase of fire truck, purchase of land and construction of fire station.

City purchased from Kenneth Dagley, 1935 Ford Fire truck, hose and battery for $1806.40 Camcone fog nozzle purchased from Cam Mfg. For $48.98. Siren, buckets and hose purchased from Mr. E.R. Hawkins for $210. U. A. Pratt authorized to proceed with building of station.

Minutes are attached that shows cost breakdown of building station.

Old fire truck to be sold for $25.

Have fire truck painted for not more than $35 and box built on side of truck. Appoint U.A. Pratt custodian of city building, fire truck and stove at a salary of $5 per month.

Voted to sell old fire wagon to Tol Cave for $15.

Fire truck painted at Dagleys for $35.

Purchase of two tires and four tubes from Riley & Denney for $89.05

Send statement to Fred Gallier of Mosby for $5 as payment for fire run.

Purchase up to fifteen gallon of carbon tet.

Accept Burlington Northern Railroad offer for purhasing water well, line and supply tank for $1,200.

North Kansas City Auto Trim to reupholster seat in fire truck.

Vote of thanks and appreciation be entered on the proceedings of City Council to U.A. Pratt for long and faithful service to the city and city councilman and for the time in getting water works in operation.

Purchased hose clamp and 4″ X 2″ suction reducer.

Purchased Civil Defense truck (1952 GMC) to fight fires for $250.

Mayor Tol Cave died in office.

Tanker truck painted.