Fire Suppression in Kearney, MO

Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems Save Livelihoods and Lives

OSHA, along with the International Fire Code (IFC), requires most places of business to have a fire suppression system. This system—whether water, foam, or chemical-based—identifies the presence of smoke/fire. It triggers an alarm while dispensing fire suppression to extinguish the flames.

Our Fire Marshal provides commercial/industrial property plan reviews for fire suppression systems. Save lives, and save your livelihood, with the proper protection.

What We Do

  • Provide accurate fire suppression system inspections based on city, state, and federal regulations.
  • Kearney Fire & Rescue strives to provide fast, high-quality suppression service to our district.
  • Utilize a variety of Fire District apparatus to apply external fire suppression when needed.
  • Continuously train on changing building materials, suppression tactics, and strategy evaluation.

A Public Resource for Safety

Community Focus

Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District is integrated into the community of Kearney and 85 square miles of north central Clay County.

Expert Guidance

As a government agency, we constantly train on the latest requirements from multiple agencies for expert guidance.

Saving Lives

The most important aspect of our daily presence is to save lives, both proactively and in emergencies.

Get Ready to Make a Difference

From safety training to CPR, first aid to fire permits, child seat inspection to community outreach programs, contact us today and find out how your Kearney Fire and Rescue Protection District can help you live more safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are district boundaries?

Starting on the northern portion of our district, we cover a line that runs horizontally with 176th Street. On the east side, we cover to RA Highway and just outside of the city limits of Excelsior Springs and Mosby. The south end of the district, we border 69 Highway and the city limits of Liberty. On the west end of the district, we cover to parts of Stark Road, Francis Road and C Highway. Approximately 82 square miles.

How do I obtain my ISO (Insurance) rating?

Currently, the best practice for obtaining this would be by calling us at 816-628-4122. There are several determining factors to this rating.

Who maintains fire hydrants?

In the city of Kearney, the fire hydrants are maintained by the Water Department. Any hydrants outside the city limits are maintained by the water district in which they are placed.