Current Apparatus at KFRPD

The Trucks and Tools of the Trade

Kearney Fire & Rescue has a wide variety of vehicles in service to respond to the many emergency calls we receive. Each fire truck and ambulance is custom-built for our agency, with committees in place for the special specifications each vehicle requires.

Our goal is to arrive quickly wherever we are needed, with everything we need to save property and save lives.


It’s How We Roll, Literally

The Fire District has a variety of fire trucks and ambulances, equipped with various apparatus, for all types of fire suppression, rescue, and trauma treatment.

  • We have two Engines (Pumpers).
    • Engine-1 is a 2001 Pierce Quantum, currently used on a second-out or as-needed bases.
    • Engine-2 is a 2011 Pierce Quantum, equipped with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System), 1,000 gallons of water, and numerous other pieces of equipment for fire, rescue, and EMS responses.
    • Quint-1 is a 2013 Pierce Quantum 105’ Aerial, equipped with 500 gallons of water, multiple ground ladders, and hooks.
  • Tanker-1 is a 2011 Freightliner water tender, which has a PTO pump, 3,000 gallons of water, 3500-gallon portable tank, SCBA, and multiple other tools and adapters for shuttling water in the rural areas of our district that don’t have easy access to fire hydrants.
  • A majority of our calls to service are for EMS incidents. The district currently has one 2024 Ford F-550 AEV Trauma Hawk with a second on order. Previously the district had two 2013 International AEV Trauma Hawk ambulances, one of which is currently a reserve. The district has two of these ALS (Advanced Life Support) equipped and staffed with a Paramedic every day. These ambulances carry some of the most up-to-date EMS equipment to provide the best possible services to those who require them.
  • Two Brush Trucks are used to respond for natural cover fire, grass fires, and any fire off-road in places where our Engines may not reach.
    • Brush-1 is a 2017 Ford F-350 with a 250-gallon water tank that includes a 10-gallon Class A foam cell, multiple hoses, a backpack blower, and miscellaneous hand tools.
    • Brush-2 is a 2011 Ford F-350 with a 300-gallon water tank, multiple hoses, a backpack blower, and other miscellaneous hand tools.

Take Your Group on a Fire Station Tour

From classrooms to civic groups, people love to see where the “big yellow fire trucks” live. We’ll be happy to schedule a tour for your group and show you where and how our team helps save property and save lives.

Plus, who knows? You might get to fire up the lights and hit the siren!