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Fire Up Your Event With a KFRPD Appearance

Would you like us to appear at your event? We appreciate the opportunity to share what we do, along with the powerful presence of our vehicles, with your event attendees. Please fill out the form below to request an appearance.

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OUR top priority is fire safety

Appearances at events use resources we keep available for emergencies. To ensure the public gets the most value from one of these appearances, we recommend the event have a fire prevention or life safety theme or purpose.

Because we’re constantly receiving training, teaching lifesaving and fire prevention classes, or required for other needs and services, we ask for 2 to 3 weeks’ advance notice. This will increase our possible availability for your event.

Please note that our first priority is fire prevention and rescue. Because of the unpredictable nature of emergency services, once an appearance has been approved for your event, emergency necessities may require the assigned unit’s presence elsewhere without prior notice.