Kim Murphy

Kim Murphy was appointed by the Clay County Circuit Court to a vacancy on the three-member Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District Board of Directors in 2000. He served as chairman. During that time, the District hired its first full-time chief and successfully asked the voters to increase the number of directors from three to five. He was elected to the five-member board in 2003.

Director Murphy is retired after over thirty-one years as a corporate attorney in the legal departments of food companies and five years as an immigration service officer with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. He has been active in the community including serving on the Kearney Planning and Zoning Committee and the board of directors for the Kearney Area Development Council and the Northland Foundation. Kim and his wife Gerrie have been residents of Kearney since 1996.

Director Murphy has seen the District grow from three shifts of 3 career Firefighter/EMTs and Firefighter/Paramedics, volunteers, a part-time Chief, and an administrative assistant to three shifts of 8 career Firefighter/EMTs and Firefighter/Paramedics, volunteers, a full-time Chief, a Fire Marshall, and an administrative assistant.

He has enjoyed serving with the other community members who have been on the board of directors as well as working with the career staff. Together they have developed, maintained, and continue to expand a well-trained and equipped department in a financially-responsible manner in order to serve the growing needs and population of the District.

The District benefited from having a ten-year plan in place when he joined the board. The plan is regularly updated and serves the board well in financial forecasting and planning for adding career Firefighters/EMTs and Firefighters/Paramedics and equipment replacement and additions.

He is also thankful for the community’s support when the District has asked for an increase in property tax levies for operating funds and a bond issue for new and additional equipment and facility improvements.