FireFighter I &II Certification course in Kearney, MO

FireFighter I &II Certification course

Course Information

What is Firefighter I & II?

Firefighter 1 & 2 are the certification levels for professional firefighters in Missouri and many other states. These certifications meet the National Fire Protection Association 1001-2019 edition Standards for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications. These certifications are also accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and ProBoard, which allows for reciprocity with other accredited states. This course is designed to meet the training requirements of the Missouri Division of Fire Safety and to prepare you for the certification examination.

How does the class work?

The class is a combination of lecture and practical skill evolutions. There are 23 chapters with quizzes which must be passed. Quizzes are done through a virtual classroom outside of normal class time. Most of the chapters also have skills which must be properly demonstrated. Upon completion of the curriculum there will be a written end of course exam. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible for certification testing through the Division of Fire Safety.

The first component of certification testing is a skills examination conducted at our location by Division of Fire Safety approved evaluators. Students who successfully complete the skills examination and meet all the requirements outlined below will then be eligible to challenge the computer-based certification exam from the Division of Fire Safety. The Lead Instructor will help schedule you for the next available regional exam or assist you in scheduling a test at the Division of Fire Safety in Jefferson City.

Certification Requirements

  • High School diploma or verification of acceptance into a higher level of education
  • Must be a Missouri resident or employed by a Missouri Fire Department
  • Possess a valid Missouri Driver License or valid state or federal identification
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Meet medical and physical fitness requirements to perform firefighting tasks (see below)
  • Successfully complete Firefighter I & II training program

Training/Prerequisite Requirements

NIMS – National Fire Academy IS-700, -100 and -200 certifications are required for Firefighter certification. You must complete these free online courses prior to entering this program or during the first couple of weeks of class as homework. Courses can be found at

Medical training – Licensed EMT-Basic or higher will not need to complete any further training. If you are not a licensed EMT you will need CPR-AED and First Aid cards. We offer CPR the first Wednesday of each month and First Aid the second Wednesday of each month. Please call the fire station at (816) 628-4122 to sign up for these classes.

Hazardous Materials training – You must certify to Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations levels prior to being approved to take the Division of Fire Safety Firefighter 1 & 2 written certification exams. These classes are included in our FF I & II curriculum.

Awareness is an 8-hour class with an end of course exam. Students who successfully complete the end of course exam will be eligible to challenge the Division of Fire Safety computer-based certification exam.

Operations is a 24-hour course consisting of classroom and skills components, and an end of course exam. Following successful course completion, we will have a Division of Fire Safety skills examination at our location. Students who successfully complete the skills exam will be eligible to challenge the Division of Fire Safety computer-based certification exam.

You have one year from the end of each class to pass the written certification exams.

Medical and Physical Fitness Requirements

You must provide documentation of medical clearance from your physician. You can find a healthcare provider’s guide at which may help them make clinical decisions regarding your fitness for firefighting duty.

If you are a member of a fire department, you may have your fire chief sign a statement in lieu of a doctor completing the health record form. Contact the Instructor for this form.

Background Check

It is the responsibility of the organization sponsoring the class to verify the character of students; therefore, we require each student to obtain a criminal history report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This can be obtained from the automated site at The name based (personal identifier) search is acceptable.
Fingerprints are not required.

Classroom Information, Rules, & Expectations

  • The location is Kearney Fire & Rescue Protection District
    201 East 6th Street, Kearney, MO 64060
  • Student parking will be in the east lot off of 6th & prospect.
  • Some practical classes will require travel to offsite training facilities.
  • The fire station is a tobacco-free facility including any forms. There are designated outdoor use areas.
  • Students are expected to abide by the district drug & alcohol policy. Do not report to class under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances or prescription medication that may cause impairment must be disclosed.
  • Safety is priority one. No unsafe behavior will be tolerated. Repeated or serious violations may result in expulsion from class.
  • During evolutions requiring use of breathing apparatus students may not have any facial hair that comes into contact with the facepiece seal.
  • Please be respectful to your classmates and instructors. Everyone’s success depends on being able to work as a team. If you have an issue with a classmate or instructor, please contact the lead instructor.
  • Attendance is important! There is a lot to cover in this course. Absences must be excused in advance by the lead instructor, except in the event of a true emergency. Excessive absence will result in expulsion from class.
  • This class mus be a priority during these 6 months and you must be committed to being here to be successful!